Ranking Every Star Wars Lightsaber From Weakest To Most Powerful (2023)

Lightsabers in the Star Wars universe exist for the offensive, defensive, and celebratory use. No one lightsaber is like another even if it looks similar in shape and size. The reason behind this is due to the crystal that is used to power it, along with the skill used by the Force-wielder in creating this magnificent weapon. The personal touches given by an owner are specifically geared towards their fighting style, personal taste, and objective for the blade itself.

A lightsaber can slice through just about anything, from skin and bone to metal ship doors. They can also deflect blaster bolts as well as absorb Force lightning if wielded by a powerful enough user who has built their blade to withstand that kind of attack. Metal is commonly used when building the hilt, but there are other materials that have been used like Brylark tree wood and hand-crafted gems. Parts for a lightsaber include modulation circuits, an energy gate, blade emitter shroud, activators, handgrips, and blade adjusters.

Instead of listing some random lightsabers, we took a different approach by associating each individual laser sword with its owner. The ranking was done by taking into consideration a whole host of variables such as materials for the hilt, style, shape, purposes, creators, users, significance within the Star Wars canon universe, and versatility. From underwater and duel wielding curved blades to the most elegant in the galaxy, here are 20 Star Wars lightsaber blades ranked from weakest the most powerful seen yet in the Star Wars canon.


20 Spinning Lightsabers For Jedi Hunters

Ranking Every Star Wars Lightsaber From Weakest To Most Powerful (1)

Grand Inquisitor's lightsaber Star Wars ranked

Thanks to Star Wars Rebels, fandom was introduced to the Grand Inquisitor's lightsaber (also used by all Inquisitor’s). This unique weapon allowed the users to intimidate, deflect, and even catch some air for a tactical advantage. Despite how cool they look, their mass production for all Inquisitors was their downfall.

The Double-bladed spinning lightsaber had a hilt made from a metallic material consisting of non-lightsaber resistant alloy. It had an extendable hand guard which could spin around the central handle with detachable emitters locked in the handguard. The blade length was one meter, and it could be used in either single or double blade mode.

While the Grand Inquisitor's lightsaber looked cool, in function it fell short of serving the Empire. The idea of the blade came from an unused concept for the video game The Force Unleashed.

Ranking Every Star Wars Lightsaber From Weakest To Most Powerful (2)

Qui-Gon Jinn’s lightsaber Star Wars ranked

For a Jedi who liked to go against the grain of the order, Qui-Gon Jinn’s lightsaber is uniquely simple in structure. It’s a single blade model with a hilt that is made from alloy metal. The hilt shape is cylindrical, measuring out at 28.50 centimeters.

The design is unique as it contains micro power cells within the handgrip and has a single green Kaiburr crystal. The Kaiburr crystal is considered an ancient Force relic, found on the planet Circarpous V, also known to the locals as Mimban. Outside of being cut for a lightsaber, the crystal could increase in power a thousand times over in its original habitat, heal, and help project Force lightning for those who couldn’t.

Qui-Gon constructed his lightsaber after the Telosian Civil War and after he lost his original on Telos IV. Obi-Wan would temporarily use it until he constructed his second lightsaber and would keep it up to his death. Anakin Skywalker would also use it during his training as a Padawan.

18 Bringing Curves And Finesse With Count Dooku’s Curved Lightsaber

Ranking Every Star Wars Lightsaber From Weakest To Most Powerful (3)

Count Dooku’s Curved Lightsaber Star Wars

Count Dooku, also known as Darth Tyranus, created his unusual curved shaped lightsaber to fit his technique of lunging and slashing at his opponents. Dooku was regarded as a sophisticated lightsaber duelist during his time in the Jedi order and even more so as a Sith.

His personal creation has a hilt made from unknown metals and is regarded as a curved-hilt lightsaber with a single blade. It’s made with a standard red Kyber crystal and was used in training Asajj Ventress and General Grievous.

Count Dooku’s lightsaber was popular, having been stolen at one point by the ever-sneaky Hondo Ohnaka. It was also temporarily used by Anakin Skywalker and Darth Maul. The lightsaber was designed specifically for combat use and saw plenty of action during the Clone Wars period.

17 Master Of The Blade: Shaak Ti’s Lightsaber

Ranking Every Star Wars Lightsaber From Weakest To Most Powerful (4)

Shaak Ti’s Lightsaber Star Wars ranked

(Video) Star Wars 25 Lightsabers Ranked By Strength

Shaak Ti was often said to be the most powerful Jedi of her time and one of the finest swords women in the Jedi Order. Obi-Wan also said she was cunning, teaching him more than a few tricks. Her lightsaber was a combat single blade make with a hilt made from copper and durasteel. The hilt shape was cylindrical, having a length of 26.60 centimeters.

The lightsaber was constructed with a single Adegan blue crystal (the color was wrong in Star Wars: The Clone Wars) and would later be seen hanging in General Grievous’ cape after her death. Adegan crystals were commonly used by Jedi and could be found in the Adega system, the planet Halm, Mygeeto, and in parts of the Cularin system asteroid belt.

16 Youthful Ingenious With Ezra Bridger’s Duel Prototype Lightsaber

Ezra Bridger, a lead character within the Star Wars Rebels series, created a lightsaber unlike the others. Considered a single blade lightsaber pistol, this weapon has a double-bar design. It has a built-in blaster that can be set on stun, along with a single blade that has an adjustable length.

Built out of spare parts found on the Ghost and donated by its crew, Ezra’s lightsaber pistol is both an offensive and defensive weapon. It contains a blue Kyber crystal from the Jedi Temple on Lothal.

What makes this lightsaber so unique is that blasters were considered primitive weapons by the Jedi, but Ezra isn’t technically a Jedi. The blaster portion allowed him to engage without revealing his Force identity while using the stun aspect for mercy and stealth. With Inquisitors hunting the last remaining Jedi, Ezra built himself a weapon that allowed him to fly under the radar of the Empire.

15 Best Of Three For Obi-Wan Kenobi

Ranking Every Star Wars Lightsaber From Weakest To Most Powerful (6)

Obi-Wan Kenobi Lightsaber three lightsabers Star Wars

Obi-Wan Kenobi was notorious for losing lightsabers. All together he had three over the course of his life. The first he lost on Naboo and temporarily used his old masters blade (Qui-Gon) until he reconstructed an improved version of his original. It is his second lightsaber (the one he lost on Geonosis to Count Dooku) which has made the cut.

The overall design was based off Qui-Gon-Jinn’s blade, having a blade length of 145 cm. It housed a blue Kyber crystal and was a single blade model. What makes this lightsaber unique is its sleek design. An upgrade in style from his first while not being flashy like his third (one he constructed as an official Jedi Master). It was also his second blade that saw the most use during the Clone Wars, proving itself to be reliable and one with its master.

14 Underwater Skills Through Kit Fisto’s Lightsaber

Ranking Every Star Wars Lightsaber From Weakest To Most Powerful (7)

Kit Fisto’s Lightsaber Star Wars ranked

Die-hard Star Wars fans were livid when Palpatine (Darth Sidious) sliced through Kit Fisto like he was nothing more than seaweed. Known for his heroics during the Clone War, Kit Fisto designed his lightsaber based on him being a water-breathing Nautolan. Identified as a Bifurcating cyclical-ignition pulse, the hilt was waterproof with a double crystal blade pulsing blade. While looking basic, Kit Fisto was all about function and less about stylistic appeal.

It’s unknown as to where he acquired his crystals, but it’s likely safe to assume they were green Kyber crystals. Along with being the highest recorded master in the art of Shii-Cho (a standard combat form), he was adept at using a lightwhip too. These unique weapons were essentially a weapon that functioned as a whip and lightsaber combined.

13 Duel Colored Lightsaber Used By Aayla Secura

Ranking Every Star Wars Lightsaber From Weakest To Most Powerful (8)

Aayla Secura lightsaber Star Wars ranked

(Video) Best and worst lightsaber colour wielders

Aayla Secura didn’t get the screen time she deserved in the Star Wars movies, but in the books, she’s a true warrior who knew how to construct a sweet lightsaber. Built from a standard Jedi model with a cylindrical hilt as a single blade weapon, Secura’s lightsaber had two Kyber crystals housed in it. One was blue, and the other was red.

The red Kyber crystal, however, was not one that was “bled out” like the Sith did to theirs. This one was originally red and was prominently displayed as a symbol of diplomatic affiliation. Red was a common color of political unity during the time of the Galactic Republic.

Aayla Secura would also wield a green lightsaber in tandem with her primary blade, to apply her Jar'Kai skills in combat when needed.

12 Paired lightsabers From The Former Nightsister

Ranking Every Star Wars Lightsaber From Weakest To Most Powerful (9)

Asajj Ventress duel and single lightsaber Star Wars ranked

Asajj Ventress may have lacked common sense in joining up with Count Dooku, but this shouldn’t tarnish her reputation of being a ruthless and technological genius. Her first lightsaber she constructed was a paired one, having curved hilts that could be joined together through a locking mechanism and fiber cord to facilitate a saberstaff creation. It functioned as double blade, or two single blades which were wielded simultaneously.

Both contained a synthetic red lightsaber crystal. Synthetic crystals created powerful blades that could easily be augmented.

Asajj’s second lightsaber wasn’t constructed by her. It was picked up on the black market after Barriss Offee stole her original pair. This one had a standard cylindrical shape on the hilt and emitted a yellow plasma blade.

11 Mashing Of Styles With Savage Opress

Ranking Every Star Wars Lightsaber From Weakest To Most Powerful (10)

Savage Opress lightsaber Star Wars ranked

Being a created creature himself by the Nightsisters, it only seems right that Savage Opress’ lightsaber would be a mash up between Darth Maul’s and Darth Tyranus's. The hilt was cylindrical and was made from an alloy material. It also had a blade emitter guard for added protection.

Savage Opress’ weapon was a double-bladed lightsaber containing a red synthetic lightsaber crystal. It has a unique and unusual sound frequency, allowing the ignition hiss to sound like an animal’s growl. The idle hum also had a much deeper resonance pitch than standard lightsabers while the blade had an extended length not commonly found because of Savage’s height and build.

This unique lightsaber saw plenty of action on Toydaria, Lotho Minor, Florrum, Nal Hutta, and Mandalore. It would be with Savage until his demise by the hand of Darth Sidious.

10 The Most Passed Around Lightsaber Created By A Skywalker

Ranking Every Star Wars Lightsaber From Weakest To Most Powerful (11)

Anakin Skywalker’s, Luke, and Rey's lightsaber Star Wars ranked

Anakin Skywalker’s lightsaber has been wielded by some iconic characters within the Star Wars franchise. It’s a standard Jedi model with a cylindrical hilt, housing a blue Kyber crystal. The unique aspect of Anakin’s lightsaber is that the blade was adjustable in length. This is why so many individuals were able to wield it. The adjustable length also gave the user a flexibility when fighting under various circumstances.

Obi-Wan took the lightsaber after defeating Anakin, and would pass it on to Luke. He would use it until Darth Vader removed Luke’s hand with the lightsaber in it. Maz somehow acquired it and tried to give it to Rey, but ended up giving it to Finn. Rey finally to possession of it, tried to give it to Luke, lent it to Kylo for an awesome blade through the skull shot. Finally, it exploded as Kylo and Rey fought over it while using the Force.

9 Small Packaging Equals Deadly Punch With Yoda’s Lightsaber

Ranking Every Star Wars Lightsaber From Weakest To Most Powerful (12)

Yoda’s Lightsaber Star Wars ranked

(Video) Lightsaber Forms Explained and Ranked from Weakest to Strongest!

You’d think that the oldest member of the Jedi Order would have a conventional and standard lightsaber, but not Yoda. His blade was custom made towards his personality from the outside in. Listed as a Shoto-lightsaber (miniaturized), the weapon had a studded chrome handle with black trim and an emitter shroud. The hilt is categorized as straight and cylinder in shape, short in length, while containing a green Kyber crystal.

Yoda, like most of the Jedi he would train, managed to acquire his Kyber crystal from the icy caverns of Ilum. He also built it under the tutelage of the droid Professor Huyang. Yoda would lose his lightsaber while battling Darth Sidious, and it would later be burned in a public demonstration with dozens of other Jedi lightsabers by Grand Vizier Mas Amedda.

8 Determined Apprentice Builds A Deadly Lightsaber

Ranking Every Star Wars Lightsaber From Weakest To Most Powerful (13)

Darth Maul lightsaber Star Wars ranked

Darth Maul built his first lightsaber too quickly and out of necessity. Upon failing in his task to assassinate Jedi Master Siolo'urmanka, Maul went back to the drawing board and created a unique Sith weapon catered to his style and needs using Sith schematics as a blueprint.

Maul's lightsabers were of identical design, using connected pommels. Below the beam emitter and projection plate of both blades was modulation circuitry and an activator. Next to the activator was a control lock with a small handgrip. It had a control for blade modulation, with a second set of control locks directly below it. The center of the weapon acted as the joint between the two lightsabers.

Despite its unique appearance, Maul was more interested in its crystals. He set four synthetic crystals in a compression furnace and then went into deep meditation for four days. Using the Force, he controlled and monitored the formation of the crystals, making them extremely powerful for being synthetic.

7 Duel Wielder In White

Ranking Every Star Wars Lightsaber From Weakest To Most Powerful (14)

Ahsoka Tano white duel lightsabers Star Wars ranked

Ahsoka Tano became the coolest non-Jedi in the galaxy after leaving the order and finding her own personal style. After ditching her old Padawan lightsaber, she would construct two new ones. Each had a curved hilt, which she wielded in the unorthodox reverse-grip Shien style. One was a single blade while the other was a shoto-style lightsaber.

The crystals she used were obtained from defeating the Sixth Brother (an Inquisitor), by which she turned the artificial Sith crystals white by purifying them with the Force. The hilts were originally created from pieces of scrap metal that Ahsoka had acquired, but were later modified to be more functional and decorative. According to Dave Filoni, the lightsaber blades are white to reflect her non-affiliation with the Jedi or Sith. She would wield these lightsabers in one of the greatest battles to occur in Star Wars history, fighting against her old master and now famed Darth Vader.

6 Tapping Light And Dark Sides Of The Force With Mace Windu’s Lightsaber

Ranking Every Star Wars Lightsaber From Weakest To Most Powerful (15)

Mace Windu’s Lightsaber Star Wars ranked

Mace Windu had a vision of his lightsaber while he was just a Jedi initiate. It was a standard single blade with a straight and cylindrical hilt shape. The material used in the hilt was extremely rare (having only been used by Windu and Sidious in Star Wars canon), containing electrum and metal. Electrum detailing was a cosmetic accessory, only allowed to high-ranking Jedi, an honor bestowed on Masters during their promotions.

What made Mace Windu’s lightsaber so unique was the Hurrikaine crystal housed inside of it. Windu traveled to the planet Hurikane alone, at the age of 14, and acquired his purple crystal from the natives of the planet. It is meant to signify his ability to tap into the dark side when necessary while maintaining his Jedi moral and ethics.

A year after his death, a broken lightsaber was sold to Senator Sano Sauro, with the seller claiming it belonged to the fallen Mace Windu.

5 Decades Of Terror Ruled Through Darth Vader’s Lightsaber

Ranking Every Star Wars Lightsaber From Weakest To Most Powerful (16)

Darth Vader’s Lightsaber Star Wars ranked

Darth Vader preferred a dual-phase lightsaber that was heavily modified to fit his new physical limitations and style as a Sith Lord. It was a single blade designed specifically for combat purposes, having an adjustable blade length similar to Anakin’s original lightsaber. Vader fitted it with a red Kyber crystal (not a synthetic Sith one) and it was built on the planet of Mustafar.

(Video) Ranking the Skywalker Family From Weakest to Strongest

Modifications made by Darth Vader were only to the exterior of the weapon, allowing him to have more control over the lightsaber as he adapted to fighting with his newly rebuilt and mechanical body. Vader would only draw his lightsaber when necessary, opting to use other Force means to intimidate and oppress his opponents. Darth Vader would lose his lightsaber, along with his fake hand while fighting Luke on the second Death Star.

4 Handcrafted And One Of A Kind Darksaber

Ranking Every Star Wars Lightsaber From Weakest To Most Powerful (17)

Tarre Vizsla Darksaber, Sabine Wren, and Kanan Jarrus Star Wars lightsabers ranked

Tarre Vizsla was the first Mandalorian ever inducted into the Jedi Order. His custom-made lightsaber fit who he was while honoring his heritage as a Mandalorian. The Darksaber was kept at the Jedi Temple following Vizsla’s death, but was stolen by the Mandalorian House Vizsla. It would be passed on and around for many generations, even ending up in the hands of Darth Maul for a period, before returning properly to Mandalore.

The hilt on the Darksaber is a straight, rectangular with a guard. Its blade was much shorter than a standard lightsaber, but it also had a width to it that isn’t commonly seen either. Shaped much like an actual sword, it’s not considered a single blade weapon. Primarily it was designed to be used within close combat for offensive and defensive purposes as well as a symbol for all Mandalorian.

3 Scraped Together And Based Off A Legends Lightsaber

Ranking Every Star Wars Lightsaber From Weakest To Most Powerful (18)

Luke Skywalkers second lightsaber Star Wars ranked

Luke Skywalker originally used the lightsaber given to him by Obi-Wan-Kenobi, which was built by Anakin. After losing it during his fight with Vader, Luke designed a second one based on schematics he found in Yoda’s hut and by memory of what Obi-Wan’s third lightsaber looked like. It was a single blade weapon with a cylindrical hilt, having a length of 28 centimeters.

Luke acquired the parts he needed from various vendors in Mós Eisley, using alloy parts and various metals. Because Kyber crystals were extremely rare and hard to find at the time, Luke synthetically created and shaped his own crystal over the course of a month. He was extremely dedicated to it being perfect, not taking a single shortcut while pushing himself beyond exhausting levels to get it just right. His crystal was red at first, but then changed to green once completed.

2 Two Extremely Powerful Lightsabers That Were Hardly Used

Ranking Every Star Wars Lightsaber From Weakest To Most Powerful (19)

Darth Sidious lightsabers Star Wars ranked

Darth Sidious created two identical lightsabers, as he was always one to think ahead and prepare for the worst (except in Return of the Jedi). Both were coated with an electrum-finish, making them durable and showcase worthy (although he mostly kept them hidden from others). Each had Aurodium crystals in them (which were rare and worth a ton of credits), while the hilt was made out of phrik and electrum.

Phrik had to be mined at Gromas, and was a metallic compound that was considered to be nearly indestructible. The Aurodium crystals were combined with red Kyber crystals to give the lightsaber a red blade that was also adjustable. Much later in his life as Emperor, he would coat one of the lightsabers with an unknown black material he likely discovered in the Outer Regions.

1 Top Notch Lightsaber For An Unstable Child

Ranking Every Star Wars Lightsaber From Weakest To Most Powerful (20)

Kylo Ren Crossguard lightsaber Star Wars ranked

While Kylo Ren doesn’t display the full potential of his Crossguard lightsaber in the movies, it has the most destructive power behind it. Which means that if he decides to grow up by episode IX, he’ll truly be a force to reckon with (pun intended). It contains a cracked and reconstructed Kyber crystal.

Because the crystal was so powerful, Kylo had to create lateral vents on either side of the handle to divert the extra heat generated by the crystal. In doing this, it allowed the lightsaber to become more versatile in close range combat, being used in ways not seen previously within the Star Wars franchise. The overall design is also based on an ancient blueprint going back thousands of years to the Great Scourge of Malachor.

Will Rey’s new lightsaber for Star Wars IX be as good, if not better than Kylo Ren’s? Either way, Disney and Lucasfilm aren’t slowing down on the franchise anytime soon, so expect to see more powerful Star Wars lightsabers in the coming years.


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