Jedi Fallen Order: Complete Lightsaber Part Locations Guide (2023)

By Ambra Tarallo

Every planet in the Jedi: Fallen Order game hides several lightsaber parts to customize Cal's weapon. Here’s a complete guide of their locations.

Jedi Fallen Order: Complete Lightsaber Part Locations Guide (1)

One of the best parts ofJedi: Fallen Orderis the opportunity tocustomize Cal's lightsaber with colors and additional parts, hidden in chests or located on benches throughout the game. These parts include switches, lightsaber emitters, materials and sleeves, and can be used to help customize a player's style throughout the narrative.

At the start of the game, Cal already has the Jaro Tapal lightsaber pieces and the Alloy Metal material. All the parts collected during the game can be installed on Cal'sdouble-bladed weaponat the lightsaber crafting tables, enabling fans to jump right into lightsaber crafting early on.

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However, it's important to note that some of the lightsaber parts we'll mention in this guide require special skills in order to be collected. Sometimes, it's necessary to go back to the planet where they're hidden once the player has gotten a new skill. Also, most of these lightsaber components just have a cosmetic function: they might make the weapon look and sound different, but they don't give extra damage to the enemy.

Where to Find the Lightsaber Parts on Bogano

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Bogano is a mostly unexplored planet, located in the Outer Rim, and its landscape is dominated by mesas and wetlands. Here, Cal will find 11 cosmetic parts for his lightsaber:

  • Valor and Wisdom 2 Sleeve- Located in the Great Divide. Over the elevator shaft, Cal will see a spire. By climbing the rock wall, he'll reach an area where this lightsaber piece is hidden in a chest.
  • Valor and Wisdom 2 Switch - Hidden in a chest located in the Great Divide. The wall running ability is required.
  • Eno Cordova Emitter- Inside a chest placed on a ledge, right by the entrance of Hermit's Abode.
  • Corundum Material- In the Great Divide, at the top of a cliff. The Scomp Link is required to open the locked chest that contains it.
  • Eno Cordova Switch -In the Hermit's Abode, hidden inside a secret compartment in the floor of the circular room. BD-1's overcharge ability is required to open the compartment.
  • Eno Cordova Sleeve- On a workbench in the Abandoned Workshop. Force push is required to reach the location.
  • Valor and Wisdom Switch- In the Abandoned Workshop, under the water. It's located in a chest next to a spire.
  • Valor and Wisdom Emitter- In the Abandoned Workshop, underwater, hidden in a chest.
  • Lamina Steel Material- On the roof of the Abandoned Workshop, inside a chest.
  • Neuranium Material- In the Fractured Plains, on a piece of rock that floats on the water. Jedi Flip is required to reach the location.
  • Peace and Justice 2 Switch- On the roof of the Fractured Plain, inside a chest.

Where to Find the Lightsaber Parts on Zeffo

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This windy planet is the home of the sentient species Zeffo. It was destroyed during the time of the Galactic Empire, since the Emperor wanted to look for precious information among the planet's sacred historical sites.

Here's a list of the lightsaber parts that can be collected on Zeffo:

  • Duty and Resolve Sleeve- On the Abandoned Village's rooftops, next to two stormtroopers.
  • Duty and Resolve Switch- In the Auger Pulverizers, inside a chest.
  • Durasteel Material - In the Auger Pulverizers, hidden in a secret spot located down the first hallway.
  • Duty and Resolve Emitter- On the roof of the Derelict Hangar, behind a locked door.
  • Copper Material- In the Turbine Facility, an area located just after the Abandoned Village.
  • Elemental Nature 2 Sleeve- In the Weathered Monument, inside a chest.
  • Duty and Resolve 2 Sleeve- In the Windswept ruins, inside a small cave.
  • Durite Material- In the Abandoned Village. The player must use the Force push ability to create a bridge that allows to reach the item, and the Scomp Link to open the locked chest that contains it.
  • Cerakote Material- At the end of the Ice Caves, next to a meditation spot and an imperial door.
  • Arcetron Material- In the Ice Caves, inside a locked chest placed on the edge of a bluff. The Scomp Link is required to unlock the chest.
  • Silvian Iron Material- InsideEilran's tomb, hidden in a chest.
  • Duty and Resolve 2 Switch- In the Weathered Monument, outside the Imperial Area. Force push and the Scomp Link are required.
  • Osmiridium Material- In the Windswept Ruins, at the entrance of a tomb. It's required to use the wind tunnels to reach the area where the chest is located.
  • Aurodium Material- Hidden inside the Imperial Headquarters. Force pull is required to create a bridge and reach the chest where the piece is hidden.
  • Haysian Smelt Material - InMiktrull's tomb,inside a small alcova.
  • Orichalc Material- In the Broken Wing, underwater, placed inside a chest.
  • Polished Bronzium Material- Under the waters of the Crash Site, located in a chest lit by the sun.
  • Elemental Nature Emitter- Underwater, behind the Venator Wreckage's entrance.
  • Elemental Nature Switch- Inside a cave located in the Crash Site.
  • Elemental Nature Sleeve- In the Crash Site, hidden in a chest.
  • Chromium Material- In the last room of the Venator Wreckage. The Scomp Link is required to unlock the chest.
  • Elemental Nature 2 Switch - Hidden inside a small opening in the wall, on the back of the Venator Wreckage.

Where to Find the Lightsaber Parts onKashyyyk

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Kashyyyk is the home planet of the Wookiees, giant humanoids with long hair all over their bodies, a short temper and a loyal heart.

One of the most interesting locations on the planet is the Imperial Refinery, where enslaved Wookies produces a dangerous material out of tree sap for the Galactic Empire. InJedi: Fallen Order, this planet is rich in chests, some of which contain fascinating parts for Cal's lightsaber.

  • Passion and Strength Emitter- In the Imperial Refinery, inside a locked chest placed close to the edge of a cliff. Force push is required to reach the area where the emitter is located.
  • Matte Material- Inside a room not far from the entrance of the Imperial Refinery. It's located into a locked chest that needs to be opened with BD-1.
  • Doonium Material- This lightsaber component is hidden in the Imperial Refinery as well. The player needs to defeat some giant spiders before reaching the chest where the piece is located.
  • Passion and Strength Switch- At the entrance of the Overgrown Pass, inside a chest that needs to be sliced with PD-1.
  • Passion and Strength 2 Sleeve - At theKyyyalstaad Falls, behind a broken door. Force push is required to open the door.
  • Crodium Material- On a corner of theKyyyalstaad Basin, inside a chest.
  • Passion and Strength Sleeve - In theKyyyalstaad Basin, on a wooden platform.
  • Peace and Justice Switch- Under the waters of theKyyyalstaad Basin.
  • Electrum-Plated Material - In the Origin Lake, under the waters, inside a large tunnel.
  • Peace and Justice 2 Switch - In the Origin Lake, underwater, inside a small tunnel.
  • Duralium Material -In the center of the Origin Lake, underwater, near a lung plant.
  • Valor and Wisdom Sleeve- In the Shadowlands, an area that gets unlocked in the 4th chapter.
  • Peace and Justice Emitter- In the Shadowlands, underwater.
  • Bronzium Material - At the Origin Tree, inside an underwater tunnel
  • Peace and Justice Sleeve - In the Chieftain's Canopy. It's required to interact with a workbench in order to get the lightsaber part.

Where to Find the Lightsaber Parts on Dathomir

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On Dathomir, the sky is red, because of the color of its central star. It's home to the Nightsisters, witches with dangerous supernatural powers, and their servants, called Nightbrothers. Also, it's the evil Darth Maul's birthplace.

Here are the lightsaber parts that Cal will find on this planet:

  • Magus Sleeve-In the Brother's Bastion. The player must interact with a workbench in order to collect it.
  • Magus Switch -In the Brother's Bastion, inside a chest located at floor level.
  • Magus Emitter- In theUpper Strangled Cliffs. The player needs tofight some back bane spiders before finding a chest, hidden behind a wall.
  • Power and Control Sleeve -Just before the exit of the Collapsed Settlement, inside a chest. Cal needs to ride an elevator to find it.
  • Dolovite Material -In the first room of the Nightbrother Dungeon.
  • Power and Control Emitter- In the Swamp of Sacrifice, inside a chest on the edge of a cliff.
  • Power and Control 2 Switch -In the Swamp of Sacrifice, hidden in a chest.

Where to find the lightsaber parts on Ilum

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Ilum is a fascinating planet located in the Unknown Regions, and it's always covered with snow. It's a sacred site where young Jedi knights undergo an initiation ritual and build their first lightsaber. However, in Jedi: Fallen Order,on this planet there are only three lightsaber parts.

  • Duraplast Material -In the Imperial Trench, inside a chest.
  • Power and Control Switch -Inside the Crystal Caves, inside a chest that's located underwater.
  • Power and Control 2 Sleeve - Inside the Crystal Caves, hiddenin a chest behind a stalagmite.

Additionally, at the end of the game is unlocked another secret lightsaber set, called Cere Junda.

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Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order is available now on PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

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