4 Reasons To Promote Your Music on YouTube Shorts and How to do it (2023)

‌‌Youtube Shorts launched in 2021 to compete with TikTok and has since developed into a massive platform for artists to promote their music - gaining over 50 Billion views per day (source).

In this article, we'll share the reasons why musicians can't afford to ignore Shorts anymore, backed by some impressive stats.

In addition, we'll share our simple guide for musicians to start promoting their songs on YouTube Shorts.

1) Shorts has enormous viewership and is growing fast

YouTube Shorts are very similar to TikTok or Instagram Reels, but they are directly associated with your YouTube channel/account. YouTube has been and will always be a massive platform for music consumption and listening, and activity and engagement there can be practically infinite.

This year, YT’s head of music, Lyor Cohen shared this quote in his blog post:

“In January 2023, fan-created Shorts increased the average artist’s audience of unique viewers by more than 80%”

One of the benefits of focusing on YouTube Shorts is that the numbers are just higher and more fluid all around. It is easier for channels to get views, comments, subscribers, and activity than over any other platform, and it translates well.

According to YouTube, more than 1.5 BILLION monthly logged-in YouTube users are watching Shorts (source) - and this is just the beginning.

4 Reasons To Promote Your Music on YouTube Shorts and How to do it (1)

2) YouTube is prioritizing Shorts to compete against TikTok

Now that you understand the impact that YouTube Shorts has, let’s look at why it’s so important to keep your content flowing on this platform.

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“Shorts are nearly doubling an artist’s total reach, so artists can spend more time doing what they do best: making great music”. ‌‌- Lyor Cohen

The universal acceptance and love for YouTube is strong and unwavering, so there is no reason this shouldn’t be translating over to shorts. People in all nooks and crannies of the world love YouTube. Think of the gap bridging long-form music videos or artist pieces, with TikTok creativity, and a splash of entertainment, engagement, and education - Shorts has it all.

It’s been said that the algorithm in Shorts works much more efficiently to gain new fans, listeners, and subscribers than anywhere else, so you cannot deny the clarity that this is so powerful in your content strategy as a musician, band, or artist.

Shorts is also a massive opportunity to play with different formats than commonly found and posted on TikTok or Instagram Reels. The options of content and style are endless and the algorithm is your oyster for success, so let your creative flag fly high and get those Shorts going for your career.

3) YT Shorts can get you paid

YouTube has always been at the forefront of keeping its users happy via monetization and payouts. Now with Shorts going hard in the paint, you can utilize this aspect of the business without having to draw out long and complex videos.

For a musician or artist, telling your authentic story or promoting your authentic brand, can reach new fans and ears and eyes you would have never thought imaginable - and this could very well translate to streams, sales, and high-caliber payouts.

Revenue Streams from Shorts Views:

  • Music Licensing Fees
  • Creator Pool Fees

Additional Revenue from Shorts Viewers:

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  • YouTube Music streams (users that found you via Shorts)
  • Music Video Views that found you via Shorts (users that found you via Shorts)

4) Shorts benefits from the larger YouTube ecosystem

While TikTok is not directly connected to any other platforms or music streaming services (at least for now), YouTube Shorts has a whole ecosystem in place. It’s connected to all of YouTube.com and YouTube Music.

This quote from Lyor Cohen, global head of Music for YouTube and Google, in his public letter says it perfectly:

“[Shorts] are the entry point, leading fans to discover the depth of an artist’s catalog, including music videos, interviews, live performances, lyric videos and more.”

If you are an artist with a YouTube channel that hosts your music videos and your music is distributed to YouTube Music (80 Million Subscribers), then YouTube Shorts can become a new traffic driver to seamlessly funnel viewers into your music videos and music catalog.

4 Reasons To Promote Your Music on YouTube Shorts and How to do it (2)

Image Source: YouTube.com

Part 2: How to Promote Your Music on YouTube Shorts‌‌

How do you promote your music on YouTube Shorts?

1) Make sure your music is available on YouTube Shorts‌‌

The best way to make your music library available for YouTube shorts is through your distributor. Simply make sure your music is distributed to YouTube Music and it will become available for shorts.

2) Make videos promoting your music‌‌


(Video) 4 Things to Know About Advertising Your Music In 2023

  • Share clips of music videos
  • Upload your TikTok and Reels videos
  • Behind-the-scenes videos (recording, live shows, etc)
  • Share snippets of upcoming songs
  • Music video clips
  • Acoustic sessions
  • Clips of new songs

3) Get other creators to use your music‌‌

Collaboration is an enormous opportunity on YouTube shorts. Look for creators that use similar music in their videos or may have a similar type of audience. Reach out for opportunities to cross-promote.

4) Create other Shorts content for your fans‌‌

Making content to directly promote your music is not the only option. You can simply use it as a platform to engage and share in various ways. You can view it as a way to build your audience as you would with any social platform.‌‌


  • Record cover songs
  • Share content you're passionate about
  • Vlog things in your life
  • Share funny content (i.e. your pets)
  • Participate in trends or react to events‌‌

Part 3) Getting paid from YouTube shorts:

How much does YouTube Shorts pay musicians?

The amount that YouTube Shorts pays musicians will fluctuate based on several factors, however, it can be pretty lucrative if your music is used in videos that generate a high number of views. You can also get paid as a creator for posting your own videos. Details are below:

Getting paid when your music is used: When a short is uploaded using an artist's song, 50% of the ad revenue from the video will be paid to the music rights holders. For example, if a video using your song (that you own 100% of the rights) generates $100 of ad revenue, you will be paid $50 for the video.

Getting paid as a YouTube creator: The other 50% of ad revenue from the video will go to the YouTube Creator Pool and be distributed based on your share of views. If the video has no music in it, 100% of the ad revenue will to the creator pool. If you are a musician that is part of the YouTube partner program you can monetize your Shorts and get paid for the views you generate.

For more details see this article from YouTube's help center.

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How much money is 1,000 views on YouTube Shorts?‌‌

According to a recent report, creators receive $0.04 to $0.06 per 1,000 views on average from the creator pool.

If the views are from monetized YouTube Shorts videos using licensed music, the music rights holders will receive 50% of the ad revenue generated.

How much YouTube pays for 100K Shorts views?‌‌

An estimated $4 - $6 dollars is paid to the creator if they are a YouTube creator that monetizes their videos based on the rates shared by creators.

If the views are from monetized YouTube Shorts videos using licensed music, the music rights holders will receive 50% of the ad revenue generated.

How much YouTube pays for 1m views on Shorts?‌‌

An estimated $400 - $600 dollars is paid to a creator generating 1 million views if they are a YouTube partner that monetizes their videos - based on the rates cited in this report.

If 1 million views are generated from monetized YouTube Shorts videos using licensed music, the music rights holders will receive 50% of the ad revenue generated.

Looking to Promote Your Music?

Use our Spotify Playlist Submissions or TikTok Promotion services.‌‌

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How can I promote my music audio? ›

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  2. Create an electronic press kit. ...
  3. Create a website. ...
  4. Host your music on streaming platforms. ...
  5. Use email marketing. ...
  6. Pitch yourself to music blogs. ...
  7. Reach out to playlist curators. ...
  8. Connect with fans through live shows.
Feb 16, 2022

How can I promote my audio song? ›

How to promote your music independently:
  1. Make good music.
  2. Get verified.
  3. Write a music press release.
  4. Build a fanbase.
  5. Share your music.
  6. Share on social media.
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How do I promote my music with 0 followers? ›

How to promote your music when you have zero social media...
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  2. Social media. ...
  3. Audio content sites. ...
  4. Social media influencers. ...
  5. Remix sites. ...
  6. Recorded and live music archive sites.
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